About the Pengelly Trust

The Trust is named after William Pengelly, F.R.S, 1812-1894 and is a UK based organisation with an international membership. It was established in 1962 to further the study of caves and to promote the conservation of the cave environment.


The Trust supports a wide range of research at the centre and elsewhere. There has been a variety of large and small projects in areas such as cave water percolation, cave location techniques, cave palaeontology and bat studies.


Much of the work of the Trust is concerned with conserving caves, and the displays in The Museum at The Centre demonstrate aspects of this work, and introduce visitors to many aspects of speleology. Through its members the Trust links to other organisations concerned with aspects of conservation in the cave environment.


The Trust publishes a Journal, Studies in Speleology, which includes papers on a wide range of speleological topics, written for the general reader as well as for the specialist. A newsletter is produced several times a year, with news of the work of the Trust and of its members and articles of general interest.

In addition there is a range of booklets and other materials dealing with aspects of cave studies at the centre and elsewhere. Copies of all publications can be purchased at the centre or through the booking secretary.


Membership entitles you to the following:

  • the use of the centre for £1 per night for individual members only
  • use of the Trust library
  • a free copy of the journal and newsletter

Membership costs from only £15 per year and is open to everyone who supports the objectives of the Trust. If you which to join, please contact the membership secretary.

The William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust is a Limited Company registered in England (957989) and as a charity (259303).