With the conversion of the Trust to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) in 2022 it was agreed that the existing membership would be replaced by a Friends of the Pengelly Trust scheme. This scheme would be broader than the old membership arrangements and open to people and organisations that support the aims of the Trust and wish to help it in achieving these. This support may be given in a variety of ways that could include

  • undertaking voluntary work for the Trust at the cave studies Centre or elsewhere
  • making a one-off donation in support of a particular aspect of the Trust’s work
  • a willingness to commit to an annual subscription to the Trust
  • organisational sponsorship that may be in general support for the work of the Trust or linked to a specific project
  • providing technical or other advice to the Trust, in relation to its aims or in the context of a specific project.

Examples of the types of activity that Friends might undertake  are included on volunteering

Friends have the advantage of reduced Centre overnight charges, priority booking and reduced fees for Trust events, a Friends section on the website and involvement in the annual meeting. Existing members of the pre-CIO Trust have automatically transferred to the new Friends system.

A leaflet about the Friends scheme is available on Leaflet

An application form can be downloaded here