There are several ways in which you can visit the cave studies Centre.


Expert guides will introduce you to the development of the caves and then take you to the limekilns, into the quarry and then into Joint Mitnor Cave. The museum, bookstall and shop will be open. A visit of this sort will normally take about 2 hours and is suitable for all adults and children of primary school age and upwards. However, access to the quarry and cave is not possible for wheelchair users.



Our guides lead bat walks on selected summer evenings. Each visit will start with an introduction to bats and we will lend you a torch and a bat sound detector. The guides will then take you to areas in and near the Centre where bats are likely to be seen and heard as they fly around. We can’t guarantee which species you’ll see and hear or how many bats, but we have never yet had a completely bat-less evening!



We welcome visits from school, student and special interest groups. These visits will generally be of an educational nature and be led by one of our volunteers with the programme tailored to the needs and interests of each group. During the winter period (end of September to Easter) visits can’t include a cave visit because of bat hibernation but the rest of the Centre is available and accessible.

If you want to arrange a one-off visit for a group, email us


The Centre can accommodate groups of up to 20 people using bunk rooms with access to full kitchen, washroom and common room facilities. Such groups will normally be organising their own programmes and will only have access to the museum, quarry and caves by special arrangement.

If you want to enquire about booking Centre space or accommodation click here.